Campus Bicycle Plan

The Campus Bicycle Plan is the master plan for bicycle improvements on campus and covers the 5 Es of bicycle planning. The Illinois Climate Action Plan Portal shows progress on bicycle-related efforts (see iCAP Map of Projects), including Complete Street improvements like MCORE, the bi-annual Bike Census, and recently upgraded bike parking areas with support from the Student Sustainability Committee.

Engineering includes infrastructure such as bike lanes, bike paths, parking, and storage for bikes.

Education includes safety courses and messages shared across the campus to promote safe cycling habits and the rights and responsibilities of cyclists.

Encouragement includes programs that encourage new ridership, such as events, bike sharing, or incentives for cyclists.

Enforcement covers how local law enforcement works to make sure everyone knows and follows the rules of the road, as well as non-riding issues such as bicycle registration and parking.

Evaluation and planning doesn’t stop with the approval of the Campus Bike Plan. Instead, the plan outlines the various metrics by which success can be measured as the plan is implemented, as well as a methodology to determine changing needs and priorities, such as bicycle traffic counts, crash report tracking, and surveys.

2014 Campus Bicycle Plan
2019 Progress Report for Bicycle Plan