Bicycle Registration Raffle

Bike at Illinois is excited to announce that all bicycle registrants will enter a chance to win a U-lock or a Bike at Illinois Helmet every month!


  1. Bike at Illinois Helmet:
    The other prize is a high-quality adult adjustable size helmet with Bike at Illinois branding!
  2. U-lock:
    We are giving out a high-quality ABUS Ultimate 420 U-lock (security level 12)! This lock utilizes a double locking mechanism, and it is 9″ long and 4.125″ wide with 14 mm shackle diameter, which makes this lock very effective.

Bike at Illinois helmet - raffle prize  ABUS 420 U-lock raffle prize


  • Anyone who registered their bicycle in July 2020 or later will enter the raffle.
  • Every month, starting from July 2020, two prize winners will be selected at random. Raffle winners are picked utilizing the Random(), Rank.EQ(), Index(), Match(), and Countif() functions in Excel.
  • Once you win the raffle, you are removed from the raffle pool.
  • All bike registrants will remain in the raffle pool for two year or until they win a prize! E.g. those who registered in October 2021, will remain in the raffle pool until September 2023 or until they win a prize.
  • Following is how the raffle pool system works:
    • 16 people registered their bicycle in July 2020, and two raffle winners were selected using Excel.
    • Starting pool for August 2020 had 14 people (carried over from July 2020).
    • 187 people registered their bicycle in August 2020. There were 201 people in the raffle for August 2020, and two raffle winners were selected.
    • Starting pool for September 2020 had 199 people (carried over from August 2020).
    • 162 people registered their bicycles in September 2020. There were 361 people in the raffle of September 2020, and two raffle winners were selected.
    • and so on…
  • All prize winners will have a choice to relinquish their prize. In that case, they will be removed from the raffle pool and another prize winner will be selected for that specific month.
  • The first to claim the prize will have a choice of U-lock or a helmet. The other prize winner for the month will receive the remaining item.
  • The names of all prize winners will be published every month. The prize winners can notify Bike at Illinois if they do not want their names published. In that case, their names will be redacted.
  • All prize winners will be notified by email, and will be given options on how to collect their prizes.

Raffle Prize Winners

July 2023

  1. Jairo Martin Rojas Huamaní – Collected the U-lock on 9/11/2023
  2. Not collected as of 9/25/2023

Previous Raffle Winners

See the list of all raffle prize winners from the past here: Previous Raffle Winners