Benefits of Registration

There are several benefits of registering your bicycle with the University through Project 529:

  1. National bicycle registration system

Project 529 is a national bicycle registration system, with more than 1 million bicycles registered in their database. Project 529 collaborates with bike shops and police departments across the US and Canada, so there will be a much better chance to return your bicycle.

  1. Bike theft recovery

All registered bicycles should have a Project 529 Shield on the bike. In case someone steals your bicycle, the authorized administrators, bike shops and/or community police departments will be able to contact you. Furthermore, the 529 Shields are tamper resistant and they serve as theft deterrents, as they put would-be thieves on alert that the bikes are protected by the University’s national bicycle registration system. See the Do’s and Don’ts article in case of bike theft by Project 529.

  1. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s monthly Bike Registration Raffle

Bike at Illinois is excited to announce that all users who registered their bicycles with the University of Illinois will enter a chance to win a U-lock or a Bike at Illinois Helmet every month!

Users will remain in the raffle pool for 2 years from the month of their registration. Learn more about the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s monthly Bicycle Registration Raffle.

  1. Information about bicycle-related events

All registered users will receive once a semester Newsletter about bicycle-related events on campus and major community events. Events such as Light the Night, Bike Month events, Bike to Work Day, Lock Your Bike Right, and other events are organized on campus every year.

Also, the Campus Bike Center organizes Bike Maintenance classes for beginners, Fix-a-Flat classes, group rides, and more.

  1. Information about traffic closures

There are several construction projects and/or events on-campus, and sometimes traffic is re-routed because of these events. We are currently exploring the possibility of sending push-notifications on Project 529 Garage app regarding traffic closures on-campus. This allows users to save time and re-route their way to class, work, or meeting.

  1. Recovering impounded bicycles and end-of-year round up

Bicycles impeding the right of way could be impounded. The registered user will be warned and if they do not move their bicycle, they will be notified that their bicycle has been impounded.

At the end of spring semester, the University rounds up all bicycles left on the campus. All registered users will receive notifications, if their bicycle is about to be moved. The University stores the impounded bicycles over the summer and donates the unclaimed bicycles a few weeks in to the fall semester.

  1. One registration system for all in the community

This system allows users from the University (students, staff, faculty, departments, and alumni) as well as users from the community (residents of Champaign, Urbana, Savoy, or elsewhere in the Champaign County) to register their bicycles in the University system.

  1. Help the University understand bicycle-related needs

The University will have a better idea of number of bicycles on campus, and hence it will help us understand the bicycle needs and how to prioritize funds. We want to improve the bicycle experience on-campus and promote a bicycle culture and lifestyle.