Testimonials from past raffle winners

Eric Ji, who won the raffle in March 2022, said

I was pretty shocked to see the email that I had won a raffle that I don’t remember signing up for, but after some research, I recognized it was just a benefit of having my bike registered. The whole process of redeeming the bike lock was very convenient and I can safely say that the bike lock works well and is of good quality. Just another great reason to register your bike.

Yueze Liu, who  won the raffle in October 2021, said

I learned about bike registration from my friend, who has an expensive bike that he would like to be kept safe. I entered the raffle tickets by signing up with the system, and I got a helmet out of it.

Wilfredo Torres Calderon, who  won the raffle in May 2021, said

Thank you for the U-lock I received. A bigger Thank You for the awesome work and resources to keep my bike in great riding condition.